My last assignment given to my Illustration 1 and 2 students at Meramec Community College was about power. Below is part of the assignment sheet. I have attached illustrations about power from three of my professional students. If I receive permission from my non-professional students I will post their illustrations. The copyrights to this art belong to the students.

The assignment is to create a collage illustration which will include drawings created by you,words,textures and images you find in magazines and newspaper.The theme of the illustration is power. Some examples are: the power that presidents,kings,bosses,art directors, teachers,parents and dictators wield. Power that drive us to conflict over money,health,race,gender and personal relationships. If you choose to work digitally you need to scan textures and words to use in your digital illustration. You may create your drawing digitally.

power illustration by Ed Koehler

Power illustration by Ed Koehler

illustration by Michael Halbert

Power illustration by Michael Halbert

Power by Herb Rose.

Power illustration by Herb Rose.


  1. Glenn Myers says:

    All good. All significant. And a Rose is a Rose is a Rose . . . what a powerful ‘simple’ graphic image!

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