Pencil drawing of second grade students

Posted: January 16, 2013 in Pencil drawing of a second grade student
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pencil drawing Jan.16

pencil drawing Jan.16

I said in my previous post, watching me create this pencil drawing of second grade students would be like watching grass grow. Actually I’ve been helping my church the last few days prepare for a MLK Jr. birthday celebration on Jan.21. I will be posting the announcement for the show in tomorrows blog post. Just worked on the drawing a short time today.
I also said in the previous post I would be sharing other seeing experiences. Today I want to talk about morning entertainment-news shows.

King of the Hill CBS

King of the Hill CBS

I thought  watching television was about  things that move, but lately morning and evening news shows want to fill up the screen with graphics. If I wanted to read something that looked like print I would read a magazine.I wonder why King of the Hill is shown twice. Next week a local news show will be adding more graphics that are color coded and you can read about what is going to be on the news during the broadcast. Soon I think there will be nothing on the screen but graphics. I don’t get this approach to the news.
I hope to work on my slow drawing tomorrow.



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