Happy Birthday Audrey

Posted: April 5, 2013 in Audrey's school photos
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Audrey's school photos

Audrey’s school photos

School photos are another kind of journal of our life. Usually school photos are better than driver license photos.
Today is my daughter Audrey’s birthday. She now has her own children,Sophia and Dominic. We both got drivers license on the same day this week.

  1. Glenn Myers says:

    Happy Birthday to Audrey! A daughter is a very special blessing and an integral part in the shaping of a man. It takes quite a few gals in a man’s life to get the job done, you know. First your mom ( maybe with help from your grandmother), then your wife, then enter your daughter and with a little more blessing, her daughter and if man lives long enough, there’s a little help from your great grand daughter. If it takes more than that, well, then you’ll just have to stick around and wait for that help to arrive. This is just an observation on my part so use it as you see fit.

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