family photo of my grandmother and grandfather

family photo of my grandmother and grandfather

This is the wedding photo of my mother’s parents. They are from the left, Hilda Bromerloh Kestler and setting John E. Kestler. The man standing is my mother’s uncle,Edward Kestler and his wife Mayble. I don’t know if Ed was married to Mayble at the time of my grandparents wedding. My best guess is that my grandparents were married around 1908 t0 1910.

Hilda Bromerloh Kestler

Hilda Bromerloh Kestler

John E. Kestler

John E. Kestler

I’m showing these photos because I am the custodian of many photos that were in possession of my mother and to keep the people in these photos in sight for a bit longer. Family photos have a way of disappearing as generations die off. I look at the photos and wonder, what the people in the photos were thinking and what happened to them right after the photos were taken. My grandfather was wearing two rings on his left hand and my grandmother was wearing her ring over gloves.




  1. Glenn Myers says:

    It is amazing how similar our family photos are from one era to another. Black and white or sepia keep the story on a common comparison. In many ways I’m the keeper of the flame as well.

  2. johndyess says:

    I want to publish more of my family’s photos on future post. I’m not sure who will be the next family custodian.

  3. Rochelle Matlock says:

    John – Thank you so much for posting these pictures. I am Adele’ grand-niece (Gilbert Kestler’s granddaughter) and have no pictures of our family. These made me cry. There is now a face that goes with the name. Gr-Grandma/Gr-Grandpa, Hilda “Hulda” & John Emil Kestler married Aug 25, 1912. Edward would have been 18 and Mable Whitney 17 yrs of age. Would you mind if I included these pictures in my family tree?

    • johndyess says:

      Rochelle, Please use these photos in your family tree. I have many family photos that I inherited from my mother Adele. I think I will post some of these in 2014.Thanks for contacting me. John

  4. Rochelle Matlock says:

    Thank you so very much. The awe of accidental discovery makes these so very special. I look forward to you additional posts and pictures. My mom, DoDo, says hello.

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