Drawing of James A. Maritz

Drawing of James A. Maritz

James A. Maritz changed a family jewelry manufacturing company, with declining sales ,during the Great Depression, into a successful sales incentive company.
When I started working at Maritz Motivation Company in March of 1969, James A. Maritz was in a wheelchair ,after I think,having a stroke.

In 1978 I was asked to create a black and white portrait of James A. Maritz, which was printed on the cover of Team News, the Maritz newsletter.
The Process- I was given a black and white photograph of Maritz to work from, to create my drawing. I put white gesso on cold press illustration board,which was applied with a large brush,to create textured ridges which I drew on with a graphite pencil.I placed the photo in a overhead opaque projector and projected the photo on the gesso board.I drew directly on the board and completed the drawing in about an hour. This process is easy if you understand the structure of the human head and have been drawing for many years. It’s not what I put into the drawing ,but what I left out.

  1. Glenn Myers says:

    Let’s see . . . John Dyess, JoDye, Paul Calley . . . one in the same?

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