Having Fun at Maritz

Posted: May 7, 2013 in art,John_Dyess, Having fun at Maritz
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Maritz Inc. announcement

Maritz Inc. announcement

The photo in this Spirit announcement was taken during the first, 4th of July, Maritz picnic for employees. The picnics started about 4:00 p.m. and employees were provided with free food and beer and entertainment  by a band. When I was employed, the picnic was held on the parking lot on the north side of Highway 44.
Games were played, which included turtle races, and  human relay races. In later picnics, cabs were provided for employees,if needed, after the picnic was over. Drawings were held and major gifts we’re given to the winning numbers held by employees. Bill Maritz would arrive at the picnic in different means of transportation.One year he arrived in a helicopter. My wife Carolyn was employed at Maritz for about thirteen years, so she attended many picnics. I went to four.The announcement above contained rules, for a Maritz  employee motivation program, that ran from October 1,1976 until March 31, 1977.

Maritz employees motivation program.

Maritz employees motivation program.

When I started working at Maritz, in March of 1969, I thought I had gone to heaven, because I had come from a small illustration studio in downtown St.Louis that offered no benefits. In 1969 employees were given,in the morning, free coffee and donuts in the Maritz cafeteria. The artists were provided with art supplies. Gifts were given to the employees, at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I went on three free Maritz trips, with my ex-wife, and other employees in the Eastern Region, which included, the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri, Key Biscayne, Florida and a resort outside of Pheonix, Arizona.

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