Neko with his best human friend Carolyn

Neko with his best human friend Carolyn

Our cat Neko passed away last Saturday May 18,at 4:30 p.m. and his human friends Carolyn and John are still grieving. He was with us since April 20,1998.Our art studio is in our home so we were with him almost every day for fifteen years.I think we said his name at least 20 times a day. All  that he wanted from us was to be fed and loved and he  especially got love. Carolyn and Neko bounded early, during their travels to cat shows, where Neko ,as a young cat,won many ribbons. After several years of showing he decided he was done with being at cat shows. He had a special relationship with Carolyn,as you can see in the photos above. He was on her lap whenever she sat down and was he completely relaxed. He could be demanding at times by getting on our kitchen counter,while we were watching television, and knocking objects on the floor, to tell us to look at him and feed him. But he always gave back more than he demanded, by letting us know that he wanted to be with us.
Neko was our ambassador of good will by greeting visitors when they came to our door. He loved being around humans and was not fearful of strangers.

clockwise from left is Grand daughter Sophia,grandpa, Dominic and Neko.insert Granny D Ryan and Neko

clockwise from left are grand daughter Sophia, grandpa,grandson
Dominic and Neko.Insert Granny D,grandson Ryan and Neko

Whenever our grandchildren came  to visit us, and sometimes spend the night, Neko wanted to be there. He was cautious but tolerant when he was picked up by the grandchildren. When the grandchildren spent the night with us he wanted to be there in the middle of  story time ,before the children went to bed. I’m disappointed there are not more photos of Neko with all the eight grandchildren.
The next Neko blog post will be about his cat friends,especially his sister Yukia.

  1. Tulay Dohle says:

    Hi John & Carolyn,
    I am so sorry about your beautiful cat Neko. I know the how sad you must be feeling. They become part of family. I lost 3 dogs in my life and I know the feeling how sad that could be…
    I would like to send you my sympathy for this difficult time…..

  2. kathyscarson says:

    I just LOVE your articles about Neko! This pictures show how much Neko loved his mom and family.
    Thanks for sharing. I will miss my buddy when I come visit.

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