wipe out of Sophia's painting

wipe out of Sophia’s painting

“Sometimes the magic doesn’t work” This is a paraphrase,  of the words that a native American called “Old Lodge Skin” spoke in the movie “Little Big Man” ,that I have used since I saw this movie in the 1970’s; whenever a painting or drawing I am creating doesn’t meet my expectations.”Old Lodge Skin” thought it was time for him to die and he laid down and was waiting to die. It started to rain and he didn’t die and he spoke to Dustin Hoffman words similar to what I say to myself when things aren’t happening as I have expected or hoped for.This is what happened to me when I was painting this portrait of Sophia.The dress was almost finished and the shoes and the hands and face were almost finished. I just couldn’t decide what color the background should be. I put a dark color on the background and decided to wipe it out with a paint thinner. Along with the background, part of the chair was wiped away.
What “Old Lodge Skins” said was” I was afraid of that.Well,sometimes the magic works.Sometimes,it doesn’t.”


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