Remembering Miriam Krone

Posted: December 11, 2013 in art,John_Dyess
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Miriam Krone was a student in  an Illustration class I taught,during the Fall semester of 2002. I recently learned of her death and wanted to post one of her illustrations she created in the illustration class. The assignment was to create an illustration based on one of the following : Partnership/Team work,On Target,Navigating the (internet,future,stock market) An Eye to the Future,Tearing down barriers. She chose Partnership/Team Work to illustrate. She used this illustration for a holiday card,which she mailed to me.

front and back of card designed and illustrated by Miriam Krone

front and back of card designed and illustrated by Miriam Krone

inside of card designed by Miriam Krone

inside of card designed by Miriam Krone

Another assignment for the illustration class was for the students to create a Field Journal and illustration based on their journal. Miriam had spent twenty years in environmental education working at the Shaw Nature Reserve,so this assignment was of special  interest for her. She brought, to share with the illustration class, various items ,mostly related to owls. The class went to the Wild Bird Sanctuary to witness a display of various predator birds. Below is a photo taken on that day. Miriam is seated in the back,highlighted in this photo and I am holding a camera seated on the lower right ,with  teacher and illustrator Bob Shay seated on the lower right.

World Bird Sanctuary,Fall of 2002.

World Bird Sanctuary,Fall of 2002.

After the Fall of 2002 I didn’t talk with Miriam until the Fall of 2009,when I was the two dimensional judge at the Art Fair at Queeny Park where Miriam was displaying her watercolors.This Fall my wife and  I went to the “Art at the Shaw Nature Reserve show and sale” where Miriam had a booth. When I stopped by to
say hello to her, I was  told  that she had become ill and went to the hospital. I wish I had gone the day before and had a chance to speak with her. She died of a brain tumor weeks later. Here is an e-mail I received from her friend,Helen McCallie about her death.

Subject: Miriam Krone left this world last Friday

I am not sure if anyone at Meramec would know that Miriam went into a coma last Sunday night (Dec. 1st) and then died very peacefully Friday morning, Dec. 6th.  Her service was yesterday, Sunday, outside at an old, old cemetery that sits on Miriam’s neighbor’s property.  Friends made the pine box, friends dug the grave, and friends sat vigil.  This past month was a wonderful show of how many people from so many walks of life were brought together by Miriam.


I wanted to be sure the faculty at Meramec knew.  Helen



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