Peace poster by Jessie Crouch

Peace poster by Jessie Crouch

This poster was created By Jessie Crouch for the Peace assignment  I gave to my Drawing for Graphics class at Meramec Community College. The  statement about her image is below.
There will be an art opening titled Ode to Peace in the Art Gallery within Webster Groves Christian Church on Friday May 9, 2014 from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m.. This show will include   Jessie’s poster,other student’s art and the art of professional artists,who  are representing peace in their art. All are welcome to attend.

Jessica Crouch

May 2nd, 2014

Drawing for Graphics 2

Artist Justification


Ode to Peace


Peace and justice have always been paired up together. However, I feel that what is justice for one, isn’t necessarily peace for another. The world has always had the definition for peace up for debate, since it holds unique meaning to each person. As time goes on though, we continue fighting for “peace” without really knowing what it means to us. This project helped me open my eyes to a meaningful idea. If we as people, could just realize that maybe peace is as simple as accepting others for who they are.

This realization aided me into creating my piece. My piece includes the Statue of Liberty, which is a clear representation of liberty and justice. As I stated before, justice and peace have often been put hand in hand. I replaced the torch and stone tablet with roses. I feel that we should refine our idea of justice with love.

I wanted to make my piece as straight forward as possible. I want the viewer to gain a new understanding of peace and make it his or her own. Everyone has his or her own idea of peace, and that’s okay. However, I hope the viewer sees their idea of peace through love and understanding.




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