The shape of things in the 1960’s – automobiles

Posted: June 2, 2014 in The shape of things in the 1960's-automobiles
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front wheel drive Toronado

front wheel drive Toronado

I watch the television show Madmen which takes place during the 1960’s and also I recently watched a show about the 1960’s on CNN,which is why I chose to start a series of blog posts called the shape of things in the 1960’s. I was beginning my career as an illustrator during the 1960’s and during this period I started collecting magazine clippings of images that I cut out from magazines to use as reference for my illustrations to supplement photographs I took for reference. I am beginning to throw away from my *Morque many of these  clippings.
* Morque –  informal in a newspaper office, a collection of old cuttings, photographs,and information.
I found a file that contained brochures and magazine clippings that contained advertisements for 1968 and 1969 automobiles and will scan them to use in my blog posts.During this time period all the photographs and illustrations of autos focused on the grill.  I cropped the scans to show what shapes I found interesting in the design of these autos.I also will add some of the messages from these auto advertisements.
From the advertisement of the Oldsmobile Toronado was this sentence. ” Toronado has a burly-chested,no-nonsense look that stands out from the crowd.Bold. Brawny. Massively male.”

Plymouth Valiant

Plymouth Valiant

“The new 1968 Valiant. It’s still what it started out to be. An honest compact.”

1968 Cadillac

1968 Cadillac

“There’s only one way to stop wanting one”

1968 Thunderbird

1968 Thunderbird

“Thunderbird-Unique in all the world”
This model is unique,it has no headlights.


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