National Geographic Museum – Monster Fish Exhibit – Golden Mahseer

Posted: March 17, 2015 in art,John_Dyess
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Golden masher illustration for the National Geographic Museum

Golden Mahseer illustration for the National Geographic Museum by John F. Dyess

Hey John,

The focus of our next illustration will be the endangered Golden Mahseer, (Tor putitora). The Mahseer is a much sought after sport fish and can reach up to 9.0 ft in length and 119 lbs, though most caught today are far smaller. These fish are found in rapid streams, riverine pools and lakes in the Himalayan region.

In these regions there are a series of temple complexes that protect sections of rivers and oxbow lakes. These sanctuaries, have been managed for centuries by devotees of the temples and fishing is strictly restricted. The Mahseer can be found congregating en masse as locals and tourist offer rice puffs as part of a spiritual offerings from temple steps, bridges or carved outcropping.

This is the third illustration I created for the National Geographic Museum’s exhibit Monster Fish: In Search of the Last River Giants Which will open March 26 and will remain open until October 12,2015.

  1. Dev says:

    These are really cool. What a great project. I am enjoying your posts.

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