Details of my Guanajuato Market oil painting

Posted: August 22, 2015 in Gaunajuato market oil painting details
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Detail from Market painting

Detail from Market painting

I want to share a few additional detail photos of my Guanajuato Market painting so you could see what I saw while I was painting this market scene. This area is 3.75″ wide x 3″ high and was painted with short handle round nylon brushes sizes 1 and 4. I don’t consider myself a photo realistic painter although I work from photo reference often.

Detail 2 from market painting

Detail 2 from market painting

The approximate size of this detail is 3″wide x 2″high and was painted with small round nylon brushes. My eyes were about a foot from the canvas. I paint with my right hand.

detail 3 of market painting.

detail 3 of market painting.

When viewed from three feet away this painting “tightens up”.This detail is 4.25″ wide x 3″ high.  My interest in this painting was the design as seen from above. I cropped the photo which made it more interesting for me. What I saw and enhanced  while painting were the circles and ellipses. The white areas were important to the design and I selected certain red and orange areas and intensified the colors to create movement.

detail four of market painting.

detail four of market painting.

The texture of the canvas is important for me and when I paint I use the raised surface to paint highlights and use thin darker paint to fill in the the valleys. My interest while painting was the design and not so much the vegetables, although subject matter is important to viewers. I enjoy looking at tangible traditional paintings. I create digital illustrations for reproduction in magazines. I’ve talked about my illustration process in previous posts.

  1. Anonymous says:

    John, if this isn’t photo realism, I can’t think what would be. I kind of know how you do this but I don’t know how you do this. As always, your mastery as an artist is amazing!

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