Michael Treis

Seattle by Michael Treis

This post displays the designs of my students in the Drawing for Graphics class at Meramec Community College in St. Louis Missouri.Below is the assignment.

Assignment: American City Tourism Advertisement
Assignment description: Create a full color design of an United States city of your choice, except St.Louis.
The style of your design will be flat shapes similar to the samples I have presented.
Your design must be contained within a circle, but some elements of your design can extend outside of the circle.
Your design must be constructed of at least 1 square, 1 rectangle , 1 circle (within the circle border), 1 triangle, and a free form shape .

Purpose of this assignment: To create a design that catches the viewers attention by it’s
simplicity and boldness of color.

Katlyn Brown

New Orleans by Katlyn Brown

Desiree Cothrine

Chicago by Desiree Cothrine

Daniel Neville

Phoenix by Daniel Neville

Eliabeth Ramirez

Southlake by Elizabeth Ramirez

Scott Sandifer

Denver by Scott Sandifer

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