Mandala design by Scott Sandifer


Mandala design with color by Scott Sandifer

This page features mandala designs created by students in my Drawing for Graphics class at Meramec Community College, which is near St.Louis Missouri. Below is the assignment.

Mandalas Coloring Book

Mandalas are symmetrical designs that represent the universe, and are used as a tool in meditation by many cultures. They are carefully constructed in form and color to bring enlightenment to the viewer. Originally found in ancient teachings of the Buddhist and Hindu religions, these
geometrical patterns are recognized throughout the world for their spiritual content as well as their enchanting beauty.
from Marty Noble “Nature Mandalas coloring book”

Assignment :
• Part One – Create a mandala line drawing, in black, for a coloring book page that could
feature plants, animals, insects, flowers, moon, and other cosmic symbols.
The format could be a square, circle or within the shape of a creature , like the sample I showed to you. You can create these in pen and ink or in a digital software.
The page size would be 8.5” x 11”

• Part Two – Add color to your line drawing. If you work in pen and ink , scan your drawing and add color in Photoshop. Add color in a separate file If you have created your drawing using software.


Mandala design by Elizabeth Ramirez


Mandala design with color by Elizabeth Ramirez



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