Holly Bay

Creature with wheels design by Holly Bay

This summer I visited Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende,Mexico with my wife and friends. We visited a toy museum in San Miguel de Allende and this inspired me to assign a toy design project to my Illustration 1 and 2 class, that I teach at Meramec Community College, which is near St.Louis Missouri. Below is the assignment.

Assignment: Toy with wheels and creature
The purpose of this assignment is to experience designing a three dimensional product. The product is a toy with wheels and a creature. The purpose is also to learn about other cultures and countries .

• Research the history of toys in Mexico, especially wheeled toys. Research decorative art of Mexico.

• create three thumbnails of three different creatures.

• choose one creature and draw a black and white side view and front view of the creature and wheels. I suggest two wheels on each side, for a total of four. The manufactured toy would be eight inches long with two inch diameter wheels. You can choose the height and width.

• draw a three quarter view in color of the toy either traditionally or digitally. Use three D software if you have the experience doing this. Put a design on the surface of the toy that would relate to the culture indigenous to Mexico.

Krasimira Angelova

Creature with Wheels design by Angelova Krasimira

Forrest Knoll

Creature with Wheels toy by Forrest Knoll


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