Literacy poster design by Katlyn Brown

This blog post displays the art designs of  students in the Drawing for Graphics class I taught at Meramec Community College during the Fall semester of 2015. Below is the assignment.

Assignment: Literacy logo design and literacy poster Assignment Description :

1. Create a logo design and a poster to promote the importance of learning to read and
reading books.
2. Create a poster that promotes literacy. You will choose the format and size of the poster. The poster can be in black and white or color. The poster must include an image that
promotes reading plus the phrase.
Choose one of these phases to use in the poster.
• Be Smart Read Books
• We Love to Read
• Read and Grow
• Read to Me
• Read with Me
• All of the Cool People Read
• Read to Be Free
The logo should depict how important it is to read. Design the logo to use in two colors.

Required- thumbnails of each poster phrase. At least two thumbnails of each phrase. At least five thumbnails for the logo design.


Katlyn Brown thumbnail sketches for Literacy poster


literacy poster design by Alex Brutcher


Logo design by Alex Brutcher

  1. Great illustrations, esp the second one 🙂

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