Webster Groves Christian Church, which is located near St.Louis,Missouri will have the art gallery opening of “Good Negroes” at 5:30 January 18,2016.This show will present the photography and art of four African American artists;  Below is the statement about the show.

Good Negroes Exhibition Statement

Over the past year, the St. Louis Metropolitan Region has become one of the national examples of racial and social dysfunction. There have been multiple public discussions about the place of race in St. Louis. Inevitably, one of the questions that is asked during those discussions is “Why can’t black people just be happy?” This is a loaded question. What do the people who usually ask this question mean by the word “happy?”

This exhibition seeks to take a look at what it means for black people in the region to “be happy.” The artists hope to address what happiness looks like, whether it is found through participation in protests, or in following the unwritten rules that serve as foundational for St. Louis in order to not make social or cultural waves.

We hope the works found in this exhibit spurs more open and honest dialogue that will help change our region for good.

Terrell Carter 1

“Happy” by Terrell Carter

Sean Frye 3

“Hang Man” by Sean Frye

Najjar 3

“Time to Move: Thinking About the North” by Najjar Abdul-Musawwir

Denise Ward Brown

“Ferguson October Justice for All March” by Denise Ward-Brown



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