Oil on museum wrap canvas digital print

This  painting “New york City Bridge” is one of 11 of my paintings that will be included in the  “Shared Space” gallery show in The Gallery of Contemporary Art at St.Louis Community College-Wildwood.This show features my photographs taken during trips to New York City in 2008 and 20010. The images are digitally manipulated and abstracted, printed on large stretched canvas and then painted. My wife Carolyn Dixon Dyess will have 10 “fabric arrangements” in this joint show.

My process:

New York City bridge photo 5 14 10 10 36

A photo of a New York City Bridge taken from inside of a cab at 10:36 am on May 14,2010.


black and white threshold image in Photoshop of the bridge


This is a digital photograph of a section of a painters drop cloth. I have used “found art” in other paintings I have created.

I combined the threshold image and the drop cloth image in photoshop
and then used the overlay brush to add additional color.

I had a photo lab make a 30″wide x 24 high” digital canvas wrap print from
my photoshop file. I then painted the black areas of the print with semi-gloss
black enamel paint and added oil paint over the canvas texture area of the print,
retaining some of the digital print.This painting  on canvas was
created in 2015.


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