New York City Bicycles

Oil on digital gallery wrap canvas print titled New York City Bicycles.

This painting New york City Bicycles is one of eleven of my paintings and drawings of New York City that will be in the Shared Space gallery show .
My wife Carolyn and I are having a joint show on Thursday March 31 at “The Gallery of Contemporary Art at St.Louis Community College -Wildwood.

Bicycles photo

Reference photo for painting New York City Bicycles


cropped photo that has been converted in photoshop to a high contrast black and white photo.

texture background

textured background I created using ink and oil paint on a cotton cloth,then scanned into photoshop

I merged the high contrast black and white photo with the textured background then using a photoshop brush added color to the bicycles.
I shot about 100 digital photos during this trip to New York City then when I returned to my studio I selected about 20 of them and created digital paintings based on this photos. I then selected 7 to print on canvas and paint over.


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