Steve Scherrer February 9, 1960 – November 6,2014.

I only knew Steve for a short time, about five years, but we became friends and shared conversations about art ,family and politics.


pastel drawing of Greer by Steve Scherrer

Steve and I  got to know each other when we started going to a drawing and painting  group at the St.Louis Artists’ Guild, about five years ago. This is a drawing Steve did of a model during one of the drawing and painting sessions. We started a drawing and painting group ,about three years ago, at Webster Groves Christian Church, which continues. I miss the conversations we had while driving to these drawing and painting sessions


“Armistice” by Steve Scherrer

Several Years before he died Steve started creating  a series of sculpture constructions called Curiosities & Consciousness. The Armistice sculpture was in a show, I curated, titled “Ode to Peace” at the Gallery Within Webster Groves Christian Church.

  1. Dave Wisland says:

    I worked with Steve at Maritz for many years and when I left I asked several long-time Art Directors who was the best designer that I could do some freelance work with and they both said Steve Scherrer. Within a group of at least 100 artists – that was quite a statement.

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