Remembering our cat Yukai- August 3,2000 to February 20,2017

Posted: February 22, 2017 in art,John_Dyess
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Japanese Bobtail cat Kuniyoshi Yukai-Kami

I have attached the words my wife Carolyn said about our pet cat Yukai, after her death on Monday. She had sent this sad news plus photos of Yukai to her friends, that also have Japanese Bobtails.

Hi all,
I am really sad to report the loss of my 16 yr. old mi-ke to squamous cell carcinoma. She was a sweet and loving girl. She didn’t take too well to the show hall although she endured 2 shows as a youngster. She was one of Bruce Spurling’s Kuniyoshi babies. Kuniyoshi Yukai-Kami (Yukai). She was my snuggle buddy and loved napping with me. She was brave to the end carrying on with eating, washing and talking like she didn’t have this terrible huge ulcer on her chin. We had it removed in Dec. but it came right back and she was being treated with a chemo pill. She was poised and dignified always. She loved meal time and was known to steal a pork chop off of the table. She was a talker up to the end even though her voice was getting weaker. Loved so much, my Yukai, good-bye.

Carolyn Dyess


Yukai sitting on the light-box as I draw. She was a kitten then and enjoyed the warmth of the light-box .


Yukai laying on a heating pad, on our bed,with her best friend and half brother Neko. Neko died about three years ago.

Yukai was shy, and preferred being with my wife,myself and her Japanese Bobtail cat friends, Neko and Toshi. She was always sweet and affectionate. I will miss  her being with us. John

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry for the loss of your special pet member of your family.

  2. Oh, what a beauty. So regal looking. I’m so sorry.

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