“puzzle? ” a digital collage design by John Foster Dyess

I have been a professional illustrator for over fifty years creating illustrations for corporations,design studios, magazines and text books.I have been a adjunct teacher at
Washington University from 1975 until 1980 and since 1997 I have taught at St.Louis Community College at Meramec.  For the past 15 years I have been creating art
that is not for a client or even to sell, but for the joy of creating.
Here is the step by step process  that I took to create”puzzle”.


I have a collection of things that I save to use in traditional and digital collage designs. This project started out with this crossword puzzle that I found in local newspaper. I had also saved a sticker page after my grand children had used all of the stickers that were in a circle format.


I liked the circle shapes that remained after the stickers were removed. I had an idea to create a design using the squares of the crossword puzzle and the circles of the sticker page.


I scanned the crossword puzzle and the sticker circles and placed them on layers in the software Photoshop. I added this texture from a file of textures I have created to use in collage designs. I placed this in the document that I had originally titled “circles and squares”.


I merged the crossword puzzle and circles and selected words from the puzzle to highlight in color using the brush in photoshop. I combine words when I look at the design,and I hope you chose your own words to make a phase. This design has more meaning to me with what is happening in the United States recently than it did when I created it in 2012.

In 2012 I was signing my personal art with the name JoDye.


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