Old tree

“Old Tree” is a black pen and ink drawing with color liquid acrylic added. It is based on a photograph I took of a fallen tree,which is on the property of my wife’s cousin Russ and his wife Stacy.They live in Burnsville, North Carolina,which is near Asheville, N.C. . While there we ┬ávisited about eight studios which were part of the 2017 Toe River Studio Tour. This drawing is the first drawing based on photographs I took , which will be part of a body of work I call “A walk in the woods”.This drawing is on bond paper and is 16.5″ wide x 8.5″ high.

Old tree detail

Detail from “Old Tree” drawing


  1. Dev says:

    Nice, how long did it take to finish this?

    • johndyess says:

      The walk in the woods with Carolyn and Carolyn’s cousin Russ, where I took photos of trees,flowers, vines,took about one hour. The selection process of my digital photos,after I placed them in my computer, took about thirty minutes. The digital enhancement of the selected photo took about 15 minutes. The drawing and painting process on the bond paper print of the photo,took about 12 hours. The skills required to create this image took about 60 years. Thanks for viewing my blog.

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