Easter Sunday 1948

Posted: April 4, 2021 in Uncategorized

This Is a photo of me on the left side, my mother in the middle and my brother Ronald on the right side of my mother on Easter Sunday 1948. I would have been nine years old.
My father was at work on this Easter Sunday.He worked as a radio engineer at radio station WTMV. He was usually working on most holidays. We were probably either coming from church service or going. Looking at our shadows
I think it was around Noon, and we have returned from the service. At this time we were living in the basement of our Aunt Ollie and my uncle S.M. Foster.In 1948 there was a shortage of houses available, The GI’s were returning home from overseas and they were looking for homes to buy or rent. When they were drafted and went to fight in Europe or in the Pacific theater many of them were still living at home. I think it was hard on my mother to live in the basement.I was a kid and didn’t think about the situation. Most Sundays my mother took my self and my brother to visit my Grandmother Kestler, in her apartment in a four family flat.Most of the time my mother would give me and my brother 50 cents to pay for theater tickets and snacks.

  1. Your picture caught my eye since I recognize that time myself, from the styles worn. Just 2 years younger but also from a blue collar family with rather different tensions for us all. Isn’t amazing one can look at a photo and know whether you were alive when that was taken or not? At least it amazes me. But even the photo itself shows something about its moment in time. Thanks for posting this.

    • johndyess says:

      Thanks for reading my post Dr. Haywood and your comment. I enjoy looking at my family’s photos from when I was a child and sharing them.

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