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January 16,2012

I created this painting “January 16,2012 today, for no other reason than to enjoy the process of creating visual art. There is no meaning to it except to combine a digital photograph of distressed type and a color texture image that I created.

Torn Letters wth type 2

black distressed type layer

DSC_5456 Theshold

texture black and white layer

January 16,2012 texture backfground

texture layer that I created

Frankie-Muse-Freeman copy

In 2007 I created 51 pencil and watercolor portraits for a traveling exhibit of inductees into the Civil Rights Walk of Fame in Atlanta, Georgia. This exhibit was sponsored by Anheuser -Busch.  Frankie Muse Freeman who died several days ago was one of the inductees I painted.The exhibit was built and ready to go but I don’t think it ever traveled. I believe it was canceled when Anheuser-Busch was purchased by InBev

Stan Musial

During the 1990’s I created several paintings of Stan Musial, which was a speculative project, suggested by a client that knew the business manager for Stan Musial. Stan would have been happy to sign prints, if we printed the art. We didn’t make prints. Even though I didn’t earn a profit from this painting and a painting of Stan and Red Schoendienst ,I did have the privilege of meeting Stan and later this painting was part of the Stan Musial portion of the St.Louis Baseball Cardinals Hall of Fame in the old Stadium. When the Cardinals moved into the current stadium I got the painting back. This painting was based on a black and white photograph of Stan hitting five  home runs in a double header on May 2,1954  . My client provided a Stan Musial uniform shirt and I found additional reference at the St.Louis City Library. This is an oil on canvas painting.


This is a detail of my oil on canvas painting of Stan and Red Schoendienst . My reference was a black and white photo a

This is a detail of my oil on canvas painting of Stan and Red Schoendienst . My reference was a black and white photo and photos of myself wearing a Cardinals jersey from the 1950’s era and other reference photos of Stan and red.

Zeke-Adele wedding day

This photo is of my mother and father on their wedding day in 1933. This photo is one of my favorite family photos. My mother’s birthday was yesterday January 17. She was born in 1916 and died June 22,1991. The photo was a hand colored sepia print.

Adele and John

This is a photo of my mother holding me. She would have been around 23 years old.

Sophia's whale drawing

This drawing was created by my granddaughter Sophia the same day that she drew a “cat wearing a hat, that I shared on my previous blog post of January 17. My wife is a graphic designer and I am a illustrator/painter/photographer, and I ofter share my visual images and my wife’s designs and personal art. My blog posts are mostly about visual art and artists. The name of my blog “journal of seeing” describes what my posts are about.
Thanks for stopping by and viewing my post about Sophia’s drawing.

Sophia's drawing of a cat wearing a hat

Our granddaughter Sophia drew this picture of a cat wearing a hat, on Monday January 15,2018, in our studio. My wife Carolyn and I love this drawing. Good work Sophia.


This image began as a photograph of light refraction on a our white refrigerator. This is the final image after several steps of digital manipulation in Photoshop. The texture of this image reminded me of the texture of skin. I will have a print made of this image, and the size will be 32″ wide by 12″ high


This digital painting “Stars” is part of my “Inner Space” series


I’m working on this digital painting “Formation” which will be part of my “Inner Space” series.

past,chair and drawin board

Like the movie “A Christmas Carol” I will visit my past present and future life as an illustrator in my blog posts. This is a photo of a chair I bought from J.C. Penny during the 1960’s and a drawing board purchased during the 1960’s. Hundreds of drawings, illustrations and paintings were created, by me, using this chair and drawing board. This is the angle of the drawing board that I prefer. On the drawing board is a painting of a model from life that I will complete in the future.


This is a photo that I took of my assistant Raylan.

future paintings

On the computer screen are three digital paintings that in the future I will print on canvas and paint over with oil paint.

inner space painting

This is a painting from my “inner space ” series that I am presently working on.

painting on easel

This is a “inner space ” painting on my easel that I working on. Many paintings have been on this easel, that my wife Carolyn gave me in the 1980’s. This traditional painting began as a digital painting.

studio gallery 1

Hanging on my studio wall are my paintings and drawings. From the left is a pen and ink drawing of a Paraiba catfish that was created for the National Geographic Museum’s “Monsterfish exhibition. Next is a tempera paint on paper painting of a model. next is a birds eye view of a still life painting. The last image is a print of the painting that the Paraiba drawing was part of.

present and future

Three paintings from models sitting on my studio floor. The paintings on the left and right will be finished in the future. The painting in the middle is finished.

Cartoon County

I am currently reading “Cartoon County” by Cullen Murphy, the son of John Cullen Murphy, who drew the comic strip Prince Valiant . Cullen Murphy was on Fresh Air with Terry Gross talking about this book. I knew I had to ask for this book as a Christmas gift when I heard him talking about his father taking Polaroid pictures of himself and his wife and children to use as reference for his Prince Valiant drawings. John Foster Dyess

I have been an illustrator for fifty years and was part the generation of illustrators that came after the generation of John Cullen Murphy. many of my illustrator friends used a Polaroid camera to take black and white reference photos. I used one until one hour print development started at Fox Photo. Now the camera used to take reference photos  is a smart phone.
I can never thank my family enough for posing for me. Below are a few of my Polaroid photos taken in the 1970’s and 1980’s.
Thank you Cullen Murphy for sharing your experience of being the son of a great illustrator.

john holding glass

That’s me posing holding a glass sometime in the 1970’s

christyposing as a pilgram

This is my daughter Christy posing as a Pilgrim for a textbook illustration.

Carolyn as a cowgirl

This is my wife Carolyn sometime in the 1980’s posing as a Cowgirl ,probably for a comp of a beer advertisement.

I  also thank everyone that comments on my blog posts on twitter and facebook.