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“Formation” an oil over digital canvas print painting by John Foster Dyess

My painting Formation was selected by Jurors Sun Smith-Foret and David Brinker for the Art St. Louis exhibit Heaven and Earth.
There were 247 artworks submitted by 104 regional artists for the jurors consideration.

Art St. Louis is located at 1223 Pine Street, St.Louis MO 63103. the opening reception is Saturday, January 18, 5-7 pm. The exhibit runs from January 18 until February 12, 2020

This painting is 33″ x 32.5″.


blue and black and light

“Visible light is electromagnetic radiation whose wavelength falls within the range to which the human retina responds, i.e., between about 390 nm (violetlight) and 740 nm (red). White light consists of a roughly equal mixture of all visible wavelengths, which can be separated to yield the colors of the spectrum, as was first demonstrated conclusively by Newton. In the 20th century it has become apparent that light consists of energy quanta called photons that behave partly like waves and partly like particles. The velocity of light in a vacuum is 299,792 km per second.”

This is a photograph of light on the corner of two interior walls of my home. I have enhanced the color in Photoshop. This photograph is from my photography portfolio of  light and shadow.
John Dyess

Found objects derive their identity as art from the designation placed upon them by the artist and from the social history that comes with the object.

drop cloth photo 1 72019

This is a photo of a paint drop cloth, that I have used for various painting projects in my home.  I see this paint drop cloth as  an art object. The creative process starts with my seeing this functional object as an art object and then  my  cropping of the photo  of this object. I don’t see this as abstract art because it is a photo of a functional object.

hidden woman

Photograph by John Foster Dyess

The Sins

I’m posting images I have created using two names, which are John Foster Dyess and JoDye. If the images I present are abstract I am JoDye and if they are illustrations photographs or “realistic” paintings I am John Foster Dyess. This image is a new combination of various files,I created, that I recently  found on my computer. Thanks for stopping by to view my blog post.