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Ghost Story

This is a new image that I created last week, as usual I don’t know how I got to to this last stage. I should document each step, but I didn’t on this image.I saw a face in the upper third of the image, which seemed ghost like.

bananas-digital art by John Dyess

This is the first day of the second year of my Journal of Seeing blog and I thank those who have stopped by to view my blog and to make comments.


This is a digital painting I created today which is based on a photograph I took August 7,2011. Below is the photo this image is based on. I will probably refine this painting.


I hope Hurricane Irene heads out to sea. Friends and relatives live near the coast of North Carolina.


Things to do along highway 70.

BP pit stop

I took this while driving on Missouri highway 70 about four years ago and since then the BP station has burnt down. This image reminds of a stock car race with some of the cars taking a pit stop. I have simplified the shapes and enhanced this photo with a photoshop paint brush.

Factory along Missouri highway 70

In 2006 I began to take photographs from my automobile while driving on Missouri highway 70 on my way to visit relatives in either Mexico, Missouri or Overland park Kansas. I have reduced these photos to simple shapes and refined these shapes using the paint brush tool in photoshop.


This computer generated image of a bunch of bananas was based on a digital photograph taken by me. It was experimental art done just for the fun of it.


Geared Up digital art by John Dyess

Geared Up digital photograph

This is an example of creating a digital painting from a digital photograph. I took a digital photo of a display of neon lights at an entertainment complex near Kansas City Missouri. I used various photoshop brushes and filters to change the shapes in the photo. I used several layers in photoshop.