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Found art by John Foster Dyess

Friends gave me this drop cloth which they had used when spaying patio furniture with black paint. I thought this was an interesting design and I decided not to use it as a drop cloth on this side. I took a digital photograph of the design and aded color to it the photograph using the software Photoshop.


“cutting edge” by John Foster Dyess

I like to create visual art by using objects found around my house,and I used a pair of scissors for the subject of “cutting edge”.


I placed a pair of scissors on the glass of a copy machine and made a black and white copy. A lot of detail was lost which I preferred.


I inverted the copy machine image which made the background black and the scissors white. I glued the inverted copy on illustration board and then used sandpaper and an x-acto knife to scratch white texture into the black background. I colored the black and white copy using liquid acrylic paint.


inner Space 6 by John Foster Dyess

This is a digital painting that is one of a series called Inner Space ,that represents my subconscious vision of life,space and time.


“FireFlies” by John Foster Dyess

This is a digital painting that is one of a series called Inner Space ,that represents my subconscious vision of life,space and time.


Oil on museum wrap canvas digital print

This  painting “New york City Bridge” is one of 11 of my paintings that will be included in the  “Shared Space” gallery show in The Gallery of Contemporary Art at St.Louis Community College-Wildwood.This show features my photographs taken during trips to New York City in 2008 and 20010. The images are digitally manipulated and abstracted, printed on large stretched canvas and then painted. My wife Carolyn Dixon Dyess will have 10 “fabric arrangements” in this joint show.

My process:

New York City bridge photo 5 14 10 10 36

A photo of a New York City Bridge taken from inside of a cab at 10:36 am on May 14,2010.


black and white threshold image in Photoshop of the bridge


This is a digital photograph of a section of a painters drop cloth. I have used “found art” in other paintings I have created.

I combined the threshold image and the drop cloth image in photoshop
and then used the overlay brush to add additional color.

I had a photo lab make a 30″wide x 24 high” digital canvas wrap print from
my photoshop file. I then painted the black areas of the print with semi-gloss
black enamel paint and added oil paint over the canvas texture area of the print,
retaining some of the digital print.This painting  on canvas was
created in 2015.

Inner Space-11b

Inner Space-11

I’ve painted digitally on the image from yesterday’s post. I see the direction I want to take this image . More painting on this image

detail from Inner Space 11b

detail from Inner Space 11b


Table service by JoDye

Doodle by Sophia

Several weeks ago I created a Friday post for my students at Meramec Junior college titled doodles that was inspired by a doodle I created at a recent church board meeting. I showed my doodle and a drawing by Jack Unruh that ,I thought ,looked like a doodle. last Saturday my wife and I had the pleasure of babysitting our grand daughter Sophia and while with us she created a doodle. I began to think, when do doodles become art, and can a twenty seven month young girl create art? Is it in the eye of the beholder,in this case grandparents? I decided to add to her doodle and create a joint art project with Sophia.

Sophia and Papa painting

Is it art now or was it art before I got involved ? Is art always in the eye of the beholder? Does calling something art really matter?

Bereshit by JoDye

This image was created digitally today and I will someday print this on canvas and paint over it with oil paint. I have recently done this with five digital abstract paintings. I signed it using the name of my alter ego JoDye.

abstract art by JoDye August 7 2012