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Redtail Hawk pencil drawing

This week I have been creating a drawing of a Red Tailed Hawk, which is based on photographs that I took. My Red Tailed Hawk photos were taken at the World Bird Sanctuary that is located in St.Louis County, Missouri. The background is based on a photo that either my wife or myself took while visiting a friend in Colorado. The branch I made up, with no reference.

Redtail Hawk photo

This is one of the photos that I took of the Red Tailed hawk, at the World Bird Sanctuary.

red Tail Hawk head

This is a photo of a close up of the Red Tailed Hawk’s head.

poster edges bw

I placed the photo I took of the body into Photoshop and created a digital drawing.

branch 2

I created the branch drawing in pencil on tracing paper and made a scan of it.

red Tail Hawk head poster edges

I decided to change the head angle and combined it with my body drawing of the Hawk.

landscape photo

This is the photo that my landscape is based on.


I made a pencil drawing on tracing paper and after making a scan of it I combined it in Photoshop with my branch drawing.I then combined this drawing with the Red Tailed Hawk drawing

I made a print on Epson heavyweight Matte paper of the completed digital drawing and mounted it on heavy weight drawing paper. Today I have begun painting over the print with transparent liquid acrylic paint. I am going to post the step by step painting process soon.



Sophia's whale drawing

This drawing was created by my granddaughter Sophia the same day that she drew a “cat wearing a hat, that I shared on my previous blog post of January 17. My wife is a graphic designer and I am a illustrator/painter/photographer, and I ofter share my visual images and my wife’s designs and personal art. My blog posts are mostly about visual art and artists. The name of my blog “journal of seeing” describes what my posts are about.
Thanks for stopping by and viewing my post about Sophia’s drawing.

Sophia's drawing of a cat wearing a hat

Our granddaughter Sophia drew this picture of a cat wearing a hat, on Monday January 15,2018, in our studio. My wife Carolyn and I love this drawing. Good work Sophia.

Night Chimpanzees by Richard Bernal

This is the first of a series of illustrations I will be posting of the illustrations of Richard Bernal who is a nationally recognized illustrator of children’s books. This is from a book written and illustrated by Richard titled ‘Night Zoo, which was published in 1989 by Contemporary Books,Inc.

signature and drawing by Richard Bernal

Carolyn and I bought this book for our daughter Audrey in Feb.1990 and Richard drew a picture and signed this copy.


On November 26 I began to take an inventory of the visual images I have created in my lifetime, beginning with 2011 and will be ending in 1955.

images created by John Dyess in 20011 page2