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DCF 1.0

This is a photograph that I took of a plastic colander. A simple definition of a colander is “a perforated  bowl used to strain off liquid from food” I see it as an object that has windows that lets light come through it that creates an interesting visual image. .The title of this photo is Kitchen Shapes #4a. It is one of a series of photographs that I have taken of objects found in my kitchen. I have titled this series “Kitchen Shapes”. I placed the colander in front of the kitchen window to let the subshine come through the square shapes.I liked the shadow and shapes in this photo.


Two vases and a crystal glass

This photo was taken with my Minolta Damige 5414 in 2003 and was an early “artistic” composition with this digital camera. This camera is a point and shoot with 4 mega pixels which was a good first digital camera for my needs in 2003. Seeing my photos immediately freed me to experiment with different points of view.

To create this photo I placed this arrangement of vases and a drink glass in the sunlight to achieve an interesting design of shadows and refracted light.