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This image began as a photograph of light refraction on a our white refrigerator. This is the final image after several steps of digital manipulation in Photoshop. The texture of this image reminded me of the texture of skin. I will have a print made of this image, and the size will be 32″ wide by 12″ high


I’m working on this digital painting “Formation” which will be part of my “Inner Space” series.

Charles Dickens

My montage portrait of Charles Dickens, using images and type to depict his stories. was created using a copy machine. Copies of my ink drawings, and type, were pasted on a board and copied on a copy machine.This copy was glued to a paper board and colored with acrylic ink. I also added black texture using a tooth brush. This image was created about 1998.

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Inner Space 7 final

“Global Warming” by John Foster Dyess¬†

This image started as a combination of digital photographs, I took of several objects and scans of textures I created. I combined the photographs and textures in the software Photoshop. I began to see various forms in my Photoshop creation and enhanced these forms using Photoshop brushes.
After I had completed my digital image I had it printed on canvas and using oil paint I glazed over the print. I have painted shapes and forms like I would if I were viewing ,with my eyes, a landscape. The difference is that this landscape painting exists in my brain.My original title was Inner Space 7, which I changed recently to Global Warming. I think the painting was speaking to me.

Global warming detail 1

This is a detail from the painting. I thought about the threat to coral reefs by,over fishing,destructive pollution,and global warming.


This part of the painting reminded me of hurricanes,and the change in recent weather patterns.

creature in distress

I see a distressed ocean creature in this detail.

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Digital art of a Tall Ship mast by John Foster Dyess

This digital art of a sailing ship mast was based on a photograph I took while visiting North Carolina. There was a Tall Ship gathering while myself and my wife were visiting there.
This art is available as a print and is also available printed on towels,pillows tote bags
T shirts,cups and other items. To view this art and other of my paintings and drawings please visit

Jackpot 300 Zig Zag by JoDye

Yesterday I was trying not to focus on the election and decided to play on the computer. This image started as a blurred photograph I took at an amusement center in Overland Park, Kansas several years ago. I placed a black high contrast layer over the photo and than on another layer drew color Zig Zag lines with the brush tool in photoshop.

Chair Shapes by JoDye


Patio Shifting Shapes by JoDye

Here’s a new image by JoDye which was created September 10,2012.

Don't Slow Children by John Foster Dyess

Semester break is over at Meramec Community College and this is my Friday blog, which I use as a teaching tool. A semester long assignment that I have been giving my illustration students, for about eight years, is a “Journal of Seeing” ,where the students observe and record images that surround them in real life not virtual life. I am sharing ,in today’s blog, a digital construction that I created in 2005, using photos I took of street signs. The following is a step by step process I used to create”Don’t Slow Children.

Slow Children street sign

I didn’t know,when I took this photo, that I was going to use it in a digital painting.I just took the photo for reference for some future use.

Do not enter sign

Another reference photo that I used in “Don’t Slow Children”.

Don't Slow Children ,step one.

I combined the two street sign photos in photoshop. Somehow the running child photo got damaged by my computer. I really liked this accidental happening and it became an important part of the final digital image. I added the words Slow Children on several layers and painted them using various color painting modes,like Hard Light and Soft Light .I added the Stop sign and I just kept playing in Photoshop until I got the desired effect.
I entered a framed print of “Don’t Slow Children” and was accepted in a juried show at the St. Louis Artists’ Guild. This image was also used on a cover of a book titled “The Art Tteacher’s Book of Lists”written by Helen D. Hume.

The Art Teachers Book of lists by Helen Hume

The title came from my belief that, when teaching children, we don’t slow down their education by teaching them our own misguided beliefs.,but let them soar and run and discover the joy of living.