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Last night I painted a model named Stephanie  with a group of artists at Webster Groves Christian Church which is near St. Louis Missouri. I spent about an hour painting from life an about an hour, painting in our home studio ,from a photograph I took of Stephanie . I used tempera paint on canvas.


painting of Amy


painting of Amy detail

I continued working on the painting of Amy using photographs I took of her during the painting from life session.View my last post to see the progress I had made painting from life. Below or various stages of the painting while working from the photo reference.


painting progress June 23 2:20 pm


painting progress June 23 3:25 pm



Mixed media painting of Times Square by John Dyess

This painting of Times Square is one of eleven of my paintings and drawings of New York City that will be  in the Shared Space gallery show .

My wife Carolyn and I are having a joint show on Thursday March 31 at “The Gallery of Contemporary Art at St.Louis Community College -Wildwood. Below is the statement about our show.

Husband and wife artists, John and Carolyn Dyess share their home studio but do a variety of types of work and creative projects.
John is a traditional illustrator by career but does personal work in painting, photography, collage and digital media.
This show features his photography taken in New York City, digitally manipulated and abstracted, printed on large stretched canvas and then painted.

Carolyn is graphic designer, with a background in print design, but has been working in fiber and fabric over the last few years. Creating what she calls, “fabric arrangements or ‘fabrications’ ”. Some pieces are along the lines of small art quilts, some have dimensional, stuffed, trapunto- like areas, and some are stuffed and wired shapes arranged in a container or wall sconce.

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Today is the birthday of my youngest daughter Audrey. This  pen and ink with liquid acrylic paint on vellum painting of Audrey was  created in 1992. It was accepted in the St. Louis Artists’ Guild juried show “80th Annual Membership Exhibition” in 1993 and won the Annual Centennial prize of $500. The size is 17″ wide x 27″ high. Thank you Audrey for all the times you posed for my paintings and illustrations. The title is from a poem by Robert Frost.

Detail of "Nothing Gold can Stay"


Afternoon Model

Pastels on blue paper, 20″ wide x 24″high”. Painted from live model in two and one half hours. Accepted in juried show “Annual Art Section Exhibition” 1994. Received the $50 Paula Hendrickson Beck Memorial Portrait Prize.

Pastel Portrait 6

Pastels on textured colored paper.1990’s

Pastel Portrait of a young man 7

Pastels on colored paper. 1990’s

Painting of Adele Dyess 1962

This was painted the same year as the painting of Anna from the previous post. This  painting of my mother is more abstract than the majority of my paintings. I enjoy painting in this style.

Painting of Anna Houserman

“- I reflected upon the ambiguous importance of the past in our lives. In order to free our selves from it ,I thought, we treat it as a decaying memory. At the same time, it’s the only measure of identity we have. There is no mystery to the self; we are what we do and where we have been. So we have to resurrect the past constantly, erect monuments to it ,and keep it alive in order to remember who we are.” this is from ” The Neon Rain” by James Lee Burke, who is one of my favorite fiction writers. I was reading this book several days ago and thought this is a  sum up of  why I created this blog.

The above painting is a portrait I painted in 1962 of a friend, Anna Houserman. She was a painting major and also painted a portrait of me. The style of this painting was influenced by the way she painted.We were friends during the summer and fall of 1962.

Anna Houserman 1962

Times Square 0065

Digital painting from photograph taken in Times Square,NYC.

March 19 2011 Libya

TGI Friday’s March 19 2011

Why do you think we attacked Libya?

To help the rebels.

Do we know anything about the rebels?


Why do you think we attacked Libya?

Because Gaddafi bombed Pan Am Flight 103

Wasn’t that a long time ago?


Did we attack because of the oil in Libya?

Yes, because of the oil.