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on the TV 24 x 24

oil over 24″ x24″ digital canvas print .

This collage began with a photograph of the head of a female mannequin that I bought many years ago to use as photo reference for an illustration. The background was created using paint over  paper torn  from a newspaper.

Found art- "victims of racism"

digital collage with dead rose, burnt match and burnt newspaper.

I saw this burnt newspaper article in my portable barbecue grill  and retrieved it before I added more newspaper to the fire. I used it in this collage that I created several years ago. I scanned a burnt match and dead rose and placed the scans in  this digital collage. The background was  a found piece of cardboard in my garage.

vitims of racism detail

Go On No Joy 4

GO ON NO JOY is a collage I created several years ago. This is version number 4. 

Buy your Joy

A better Tomorrow

After all our shopping, and wrapping, and giving, let’s take time to think
about those  who are hungry and homeless.


“What’s the cost of living?”

This image contains a Polaroid photo from the 1960’s ,which I took as
reference for a commercial illustration assignment, a bar code from a
food can, newspaper advertisement and black enamel paint applied with a
For me the empty grocery cart, in this image I created, represents hunger and homelessness.

Like Janis

And you measure for wealth by the things you can hold
And you measure for love by the sweet things you’re told
And you live in the past or a dream that you’re in
And your selfishness is your cardinal sin

I had an art gallery opening “to Everything there is a Season ” of my paintings and drawings on May 20,2018 at the Gallery Within- Webster Groves Christian Church.
I arranged the 77 images of my art into 14 categories to explore themes of freedom, wonder, nature, and more ,accompanied by complimentary lyrics, poetry, literature and scripture. This collage titled “Grocery Cart” is in  a category called What’s the Cost Of Living


For me, “Grocery Cart” represents hunger, and homelessness. The image of the grocery cart was a Polaroid photo that I had taken for an illustration assignment in the 1960’s. I scanned the Polaroid photo, enhanced it in Photoshop and printed a copy. I glued it in a collage along with a bar code, a price torn out of a newspaper and a ledger page. Between glued layers I added enamel paint textures



A better Tomorrow

                                                         A Better Tomorrow

My collage image represents advertisements trying to convince you to buy products that will make “a better tomorrow” for you and result in happiness. My illustration commissions were part of that business for a number of years. Later in my career I preferred editorial story illustrations.




collage art titled “special” by John Foster Dyess

This is another example of my collage,”copy machine art” titled “special” which is 8.5″ wide x 14.5″ high
My focus for this  design was circles and horizontal and vertical lines.


This is the black and white copy machine copy of   the original collage design.


I glued the copy onto mount board and at this stage had begun to paint using liquid acrylic paint.


This is a photo of my drawing board , my butcher tray palette,acrylic paint and brushes,sitting on my work table.


More paint has been added to the black and white copy. When the painting process was competed, I scanned the art and worked on the digital file in Photoshop.


“Go ON • NO Joy collage art by John Foster Dyess

This is a collage constructed using various scraps of textures created on a black and white copy machine. I tear these textures into ragged edge shapes and glue them on mount board. I make a black and white copy of the torn shape collage  on a copy machine.
I mount that copy on illustration board and then color the mounted copy using liquid acrylic paint.


The go and the on words were torn out of a local newspaper and then burned on the edges. The word joy was created on my computer,printed and then enlarged several times on a copy machine to create the texture within the letters.


This is the final black and white copy which was painted with liquid acrylic paint. The ON and the NO are the same except inverted . These words created a frame that contain the Go and the Joy words. The final size is 11″ wide x 17″ high



Carolyn's Blessing,collage by Joanne Kluba

Carolyn’s Blessing,collage by Joanne Kluba

The collage art of Joanne Kluba can be seen at the  Art Gallery within Webster Groves Christian Church along with the art of students from Meramec Community College,and other professional artists with an opening on May 9,2014 and continuing until June 22. The art in this show is an all media show where the artists interpret the theme “Ode to Peace”.

Joanne Kluba Peace Seeds collage art

 Peace Seeds collage art by Joanne Kluba

OM collage art by Joanne Kluba

OM collage art by Joanne Kluba

What is the Cost of Living collage by John Dyess

What is the Cost of Living collage by John Dyess

Before digital cameras,before one hour film processing,illustrators that needed a reference photo used Polaroid cameras.I used a Polaroid “Land Camera”
,which I purchased in the early 1960’s. This camera only used black and white film,which,if you didn’t want the picture to fade,required a coating of  plastic,that came in an applicator with the box of Polaroid film.Several years ago I found a box of Polaroid reference photos, that I had used for various assignments during the 1960’s and 1970’s, and these photos were faded and discolored.I decided to use these Polaroid photos in the collage painting,that is displayed above.
This painting “What is the Cost of Living” was accepted in a St.louis Artists’ Guild exhibit several years ago and I have decided to put this painting in an exhibition titled Ode to Peace at The Gallery Within Webster Groves Christian Church. The theme of my painting is about what keeps people from having peace.

Polaroid of a grocery cart

Polaroid of a grocery cart

This Polaroid of a grocery cart was taken as reference for a drawing for a grocery store advertisement. For this collage it represents hunger and poverty.I scanned the Polaroid
photo and printed it on ledger paper. Surrounding the photo are bar codes and food advertisement that I cut out of a local newspaper

Polaroid photo of a boy boy with a BB gun.

Polaroid photo of a boy boy with a BB gun.

This Polaroid photo was taken around 1970 and was used as reference for an illustration printed in a Daisy rifle catalog.The photo faded over time and there is a light glare on the BB gun which I find interesting.I cut an advertisement out of a newspaper which states “One of the largest selections of firearms in the area”, that I pasted to the left of the boy

model dressed in army fatigues holding a T-square

model dressed in army fatigues holding a T-square

This Polaroid photo was taken of a co-worker at Scott AFB for use as reference for an illustration I did for the cover of an annual report for  the Military Air Transport Service.I dressed Wes up in my army uniform-I was at this time,during the 1960s, in the US Army Reserves– and had him hold a T-square which I turned into a rifle in this illustration.It’s hard to see in this photo that Wes is wearing a helmet ( also known as a “Steel Pot”). I’m glad I saved these photos, for they  have a new meaning to me.

Photograph of R.T. Keating

Photograph of R.T. Keating

This was scanned from a black and white photo of my cousin R.T. Keating taken in Korea during the Korean War. I cut out the Help Us from a newspaper.and-there-was-light-
This text was scanned from the an Old Testament Bible.
Yesterday I added the burnt frame to the collage.I have shown things that keep us from having “Peace”-poverty,hunger,war,conflict,fear,loneliness.

power by Andrew George

power by Andrew George

power collage by Robert Taylor

power collage by Robert Taylor

These are the last student illustrations on the theme of power I will post. The previous three posts on my blog displays other student collage illustrations on power.