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cosmic textures

This image “Cosmic Textures” started as a scan of a banana peel. I worked on the scan using Photoshop filters and brushes. Many of my Inner Space images started as photos or scans of textures. Leonardo Da Vinci said…”It should not be hard for you to look at stains on walls , or  the ashes of a fire, or the clouds ,or mud, and if you consider them well you will find marvelous new ideas, because the mind is stimulated to new inventions by obscure things” – from the book Leonardo Da Vinci by Walter Isaacson  

bannana skin004

Banana peel scan

purple palette scan

I also added a scan of oil paint on a paper palette.

purple palette scan inverted cropped

I inverted the paint palette scan an combined with the banana peel scan.


This image began as a photograph of light refraction on a our white refrigerator. This is the final image after several steps of digital manipulation in Photoshop. The texture of this image reminded me of the texture of skin. I will have a print made of this image, and the size will be 32″ wide by 12″ high

light over darkness

“Light over Darkness” by john Foster Dyess

“I have come as a light to shine in a dark world”


This final Fort Worth image, is a poster my wife and I designed, that could be used to promote the Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth,Texas. I created the image which was based on a photograph that I took while visiting Fort Worth in 2008. My wife created the design and selected the type.

Fort Worth Angels

My digital art is based on a photograph that I took from the roof of a garage of the Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth ,Texas. The woman pushing another woman in a wheel chair was moved to the left, closer to the building, than it was in the photo. I wanted to make a visual connection of the woman in the wheel chair to the angels.

Ft. Worth Motercycles

This is another version of Harley Horses where I used a different technique than the image I posted on September 30. Both are based on a photograph that I took while visiting the Fort Worth Stockyards. More images of my art can be viewed at

detail Ft. Worth Motercycles

This is a detail of Harley Horses

Harley Horses

“Harley Horses” digital painting by John Foster Dyess

This digital painting was based on a photograph that I took while visiting the Stock Yards in Fort Worth,Texas. The name that I gave to this painting seemed appropriate because the motorcycles parked on the street are the horses of the twenty first centuary.

Real Cowboy

“Real Cowboy” digital painting by John Foster Dyess

This digital painting is based on a photograph that I took of a cowboy re-enactor at the Stockyards in Fort Worth ,Texas. I placed the photograph in the software Photoshop and using various brushes painted over the photograph.There was an automobile on the street that I removed. I painted over the entire photograph with Photoshop brushes.
I made a 24″ x 30″ photo- print of this image and drew over it with pastel pencils.
Art prints of various sizes , T shirts, pillows and mugs with this image can be purchased on


The photograph that I took that was the starting point of the Real Cowboy painting.


Longhorn Steer

Fort Worth Longhorn Steer

My wife Carolyn and I went to Fort Worth ,Texas in April of 2008 to visit friends and while we were taking a tour of the city and the well known Stock Yards, I took numerous photographs of our varied surroundings ,fascinated with street scenes and the city’s architecture.  As I viewed the images on my computer monitor after I returned home,I became aware of details ,subtleties ,colors and shapes I hadn’t particularly noticed through the viewfinder. I began a body of work I have titled “A Visiting Artists View of Fort Worth”.

inner space 21b

This is another image that I have created for my Inner Space series of digital and traditional paintings that relate to themes of space,time and inner thoughts.