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12.Gass House Gang copy

mixed media illustration of the St.Louis Cardinals Gashouse Gang by John Foster Dyess

This illustration of the St.Louis Cardinals Gashouse Gang was created while I was employed as an illustrator at Maritz Motivation Company,which was near St.Louis Missouri. I was employed there from 1969 until 1980. I painted this illustration using Dr.Ph.Martin’s watercolors,pencil an liquid acrylic gel mixed with watercolor on illustration board. The original was around 16″x16″.I used bleach that was  applied using a cotton swab in the area around home plate to wipe away some of the brown water color. This was one of the illustrations for the stock campaign Team Power.

palette Dr.Martin Dyes and pro white paint

butcher tray palette,Dr.Ph.Martin’s water color, sable brushes and Pro White paint.

Occasionally I would mix Pro White paint with water color to create a semi opaque paint.


Winston Churchill portrait byJohn foster Dyess

I used Dr. Ph. Martin’s water color and Pro White paint on smooth illustration board on this portrait painted during the 1970’s.

25.Benny Goodman

The Benny Goodman Quartet by John Foster Dyess

This is another Team Power Illustration,which was painted using water color, pencil and dye spray paint on illustration board.

10.Byrd and Bennett

Illustration of Richard E. Byrd and Floyd Bennett ,their Fokker trimotor plane,and a map of the North Pole. They were the first to fly over the North Pole,in 1926

Anther Team Power mailer created using water color and pencil on illustration board.

27.A Taste of the Bahamas 1979

illustration promoting a trip to the Bahamas by John Foster Dyess. Created using water color and pencil on mat board.


Announcement cover for General Electric

I was employed by Maritz Motivation Company,from 1969 until 1980, to create illustrations to be used in direct mail to their clients. I also created illustrations to be used in the Maritz book of awards. Maritz provided incentive awards for most of the corporations in the United States. These awards were primarily trips to countries around the world and merchandise from the Maritz award catalog. We employees used the term sell big win big to describe  what Maritz provided for clients. The illustrations that I created for Maritz, used in this post, were created for a direct mail announcement to participants selling General Electric products. One of the awards was a trip to Switzerland. My reference used for these illustrations was from the Maritz slide library. Today the images would probably be photographs enhanced in photoshop. Below are other illustrations used in this mailer. I used Dr.Martin’s dyes and magic Markers on illustration board to create these illustration.

two page spread of Switzerland scene by John Dyess

buildings in a Switzerland city by John Dyess