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young female model oil on canvas 16 w x 20 h

This oil on canvas painting was created in the 1980’s and was painted from a model with other illustrator friends of mine. Most of this painting was completed during a two and a half hour session. I just removed it from a storage closet last week. I still like this painting.

Magnolia Strange

I’m taking a break from my Fort Worth digital paintings for a few days to share my acrylic and tempera painting of model Magnolia Strange. Magnolia posed for a painting group that meets at Webster Groves Christian Church which is in St.Louis County ,Missouri. She is a model and burlesque performance artist. She was wearing a “hippy” costume that she made. I started the painting during the “live” painting session and finished it in my studio viewing photos that I took of her. I used Palmer Prism Tempera and Titanium White Liquitex acrylic paint on canvas.

detail Magnolia Strange

detail of Magnolia Strange painting.

Magnolia strange photo

Photo reference


painting from life of a model named Kelly

This painting study of Kelly was started from life at a painting session at Webster Groves Christian Church, which is located near Webster Groves,Missouri.I took a few reference photos of her and finished working on the painting in my studio. She had an interesting hair style.The final size is 17″ wide x 20″ high and is painted with Palmer Prism Tempera paint on mat board.


painted from life at WGCC in about one hour painting time.


step 2 working from photo in my studio


step 3 working from photo in studio


detail of finished study painting of Kelly.

Female model in a red blouse by John Dyess

This is another painting from life from the late 1980’s.Oil on canvas board 16″ x 20″

Painting of a model in a nightgown by John Foster Dyess

This model study was created using oil paint thinned with turpentine over crayon on canvas board. This was painted in the late 1970,s.

Female model profile (1) 1980’s by John Foster Dyess

pastel drawing of nude model

detail of pastel drawing

This is a pastel drawing I created last night during a drawing session at the St.Louis Artist’ Guild in St. louis Missouri. Below is a photo of the pastels and pastel pencils I used.

pastels and pastel pencils.