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Northern Pike

Drawing of a Northern Pike by John Foster Dyess

My hand colored electrostatic transfer prints of fish will be for sale during the OAGallery Third Annual MANymini Small Works show which opens November Third,6-9 p.m.
This drawing of a Northern Pike fish is one of five fish drawings that will be for sale. They are framed with a white mat and brown wood frame.
OA Gallery is located at 101A W. Argonne Dr. Kirkwood MO 63122 It is directly across the street from the train station.



I found a scrap of paper which is 4.5 ” wide and 2.5″ high with embossed shapes and light color on it. I took a digital photo of it and placed the photo into Photoshop and painted over the photo with Photoshop brushes. The final digital image is 21″ by 11.5″. I see a fish in this image.
John Dyess

I have for sale prints of my art on

Two Rainbow Trout

Two Rainbow Trout

This mixed Media painting is for sale at The Queeny Art Fair August 30,31 and September 1.
The size of the painting is 16″ wide x 9.5″ high

The above fishing illustration,which I created for the Maritz Motivation Company Book of Awards, is the beginning of my career creating fishing illustrations. Charlie Gardner ,who worked for Mulvey Associates, as a representative that showed my illustrations in New York City, showed this illustration and other pen and ink illustrations I had created for Maritz, to Field and Stream Magazine in 1978 and got me the assignment shown below. I received other illustrations from Field and Stream,and for the past thirty five years other illustrations from most of the major outdoor magazines.

Fishing illustration for Field and Stream magazine


On November 26,2011 I began to post visual images I have created in my lifetime. The images below were created during 2010,the majority of these images were printed and distributed for use as scrapbook paper.

images created by John Foster Dyess in 2010

Largemouth Bass leaping out of water

During 2010 and 2011 I have been creating art that has been used on for sale scrapbook paper. The client is Sugartree. The printed size is 12″ x12″. The original art was painted using pencil,black ink and watercolor paint on bond paper. The client likes the subject to be positioned on the lower part of the paper with a simple background because scrap-bookers will be placing photos over much of the paper.

Lake Sturgeon

detail from Lake Sturgeon illustration

This illustration appeared in the January 1998 issue of Field and Stream magazine and was used in an article called Changing the rules part 1. It was one of five fish illustrations used in this article.

Fishing Illustration by John Dyess for Update Magazine

detail from fishing illustration

I created this illustration in 1991 for a magazine called Update, published at this time by Southwestern Bell.The article it was used for was called “A reel love affair” which was about Americas fishing industry.The art director was Alan Landholt . Alan was a classmate at Washington University art school and was one of my favorite art directors I worked with. The size of the painting was 19″ by 18″ and was drawn and painted on vellum. I did a pen and ink drawing first using a 000 technical pen and then colored the drawing with liquid acrylic paint. I used this illustration in mailers which were sent to outdoor magazines.

Largemouth Bass leaping out of water

This is the  last post of a series of four  fresh water fish leaping out of water. This was the first illustration I painted in this series ,which was created about eight years ago. The Pike and Trout were painted in 2010 and the Smallmouth Bass about six years ago.

leaping Pike

This is the second of a series of fish leaping out of water. Below is the step by step process of my creation of this illustration.

pencil drawing

This pencil on tracing paper is my first step.

final drawing

This is the final black and white drawing which is on bond paper.

type selection

I select several fonts on my computer and print out on newsprint drawing paper. printing on newsprint begins to distress the words,which Is important to me for this style of illustration.

Pike word

I selected this font from the above sheet and enlarged it on a copy machine to create ragged edges.

definition of Pike

Same process as the word Pikefinal collageThis is the final collage with all the elements pasted on a sheet of bond paper 11″ x 17″ and copied same size on a copy machine. This copy was glued on heavy board and painted with liquid acrylic paint. I prefer to work traditionally instead of digitally with this style.