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Fort Worth Live Stock Exchange

Seen and recorded in 2008 while visiting Fort Worth ,Texas. Digital painting created after returning to St.Louis. John Dyess

Cattle Crossing Fort Worth

Cattle crossing sign in the Stockyards,Fort Worth,Texas.Digital painting by John Foster Dyess

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Real Cowboy

“Real Cowboy” digital painting by John Foster Dyess

This digital painting is based on a photograph that I took of a cowboy re-enactor at the Stockyards in Fort Worth ,Texas. I placed the photograph in the software Photoshop and using various brushes painted over the photograph.There was an automobile on the street that I removed. I painted over the entire photograph with Photoshop brushes.
I made a 24″ x 30″ photo- print of this image and drew over it with pastel pencils.
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The photograph that I took that was the starting point of the Real Cowboy painting.