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Adele kestler 10?

This is my mother Adele Kestler around age 10

Adele 1932

My mother Adele kestler age 16

Adele sitting on auto August 1932

My mother Adele is sitting on my father’s automobile in 1932, when they were dating. Her father john Kestler died when she was 13 years old. She went to work sewing after she finished 8th grade and didn’t attend high school. This photo may have been taken in Dittmer, Missouri. I believe the auto is a Model A Ford ,around 1930, probably black in color.

Dittmer is an unincorporated community in western Jefferson County, Missouri, United States.[1] It is located about 14 miles northwest of Hillsboro on Route 30. This is shown on an early railroad map published in 1891 as “Dittmer’s Store.”

A post office called Dittmer’s Store was established in 1870, and the name was changed to Dittmer in 1899.[2] William Dittmer, an early postmaster, gave the community his last name.[3][4]
1n 1932 the United States was in a financial depression. I not sure if this was the reason my mother had to work in a factory and not attend high school.

The initial economic collapse which resulted in the Great Depression can be divided into two parts: 1929 to mid-1931, and then mid-1931 to 1933. The initial decline lasted from mid-1929 to mid-1931. During this time, most people believed that the decline was merely a bad recession, worse than the recessions that occurred in 1923 and 1927, but not as bad as the Depression of 1920-21. Economic forecasters throughout 1930 cheerily predicted an economic rebound come 1931.

Rasmus Theodore Dyess

Rasmus Theodore Dyess

This photo and his year of birth and year of death is all I know of my grandfather Rasmus Theodore Dyess. He was my father’s father and lived in Covington, Louisiana. He was born in 1853 and died in 1929. My father was born in 1910 so my grandfather was fifty seven then. My father was the youngest of ten children and had one brother William P. Dyess.My best guess is that the above photo was taken in the 1880’s.

Grandmother Virginia Wilkins Dyess

Grandmother Virginia Wilkins Dyess 1944

This is one of two photos I have seen of my grandmother Virginia Wilkins Dyess,wife of Theodore Dyess.

Grandmother Dyess 1947

Grandmother Dyess 1947

This photo was taken,probably by my father in 1947,which was the only time I met my grandmother Dyess. My family drove to Louisiana in our 1936 Chevrolet. That’s my mother in the background.

detail from a photo of my Grandmother Dyess

detail from a photo of my Grandmother Dyess

grandmother Dyess home in Louisiana

grandmother Dyess home in Louisiana

funeral of my grandmother Dyess

funeral of my grandmother Dyess

This is the funeral of my grandmother Dyess, I believe in 1948. I remember my father crying when he got the call that his mother had died. He couldn’t drive to Louisiana for the funeral,so his relatives sent him black and white photos of the funeral. We were living in the basement of my aunt and uncle Foster at this time. There was a lack of housing and to buy a house you had to put a third down. I’m hoping some of my relatives will see this post and fill in more details about my grandmother and grandfather Dyess.