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Illustration of pirates by John Foster Dyess,1970.s

I created this illustration while employed as an artist at Maritz Motivation Company. I don’t remember the name of the client. I believe this illustration was created in 1976,or 1977. I had several Maritz artist pose as pirates. The illustration  is  pen and ink and water based paint. The map was printed on a black and white copy machine , hand colored and glued on the illustration.  The pirate chest and money were copied on a color copy machine  from a book, cut out and glued on the illustration. Copy machines in the 1970’s and 1980’s ,for me, were a great tool. Now I would work traditionally on part of the illustration and then add the map, money and chest on a layer in Photoshop.


map detail from pirate illustration


pirate chest and coins detail from pirate illustration.


Drawing of James A. Maritz

Drawing of James A. Maritz

James A. Maritz changed a family jewelry manufacturing company, with declining sales ,during the Great Depression, into a successful sales incentive company.
When I started working at Maritz Motivation Company in March of 1969, James A. Maritz was in a wheelchair ,after I think,having a stroke.

In 1978 I was asked to create a black and white portrait of James A. Maritz, which was printed on the cover of Team News, the Maritz newsletter.
The Process- I was given a black and white photograph of Maritz to work from, to create my drawing. I put white gesso on cold press illustration board,which was applied with a large brush,to create textured ridges which I drew on with a graphite pencil.I placed the photo in a overhead opaque projector and projected the photo on the gesso board.I drew directly on the board and completed the drawing in about an hour. This process is easy if you understand the structure of the human head and have been drawing for many years. It’s not what I put into the drawing ,but what I left out.

The title of my post was inspired by “A Christmas Tale” by Charles Dickens, which is one of my favorite books. I don’t know when the idea of “Black Friday” began but the below images represent “stuff” that would have been available for purchase during the 1970’s that are probably resting today in land fills. These images are from the Maritz Book of Awards from the 1970’s. I worked at Maritz Motivation Company during the 1970’s and purchased some of these items through Maritz at a discount I received as an employee.Image