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“Evening light show” by John Foster Dyess

This National shelter at home time can be an opportunity to see things in our homes that are art. Objects when really seen, can become art. I will share photographs that I have taken in my home during the past ten years.
“see – become aware of something from observation”
Thanks for looking at my blog posts. Stay well.
John Foster Dyess   March 26, 2020

Sophia and Toshi

Our granddaughter Sophia homeschooling our Japanese Bobtail cat Toshi.

My wife Carolyn and I are homeschooling  our grandchildren Sophia and Dominic while our daughter Audrey works from home. For now, her husband, can work at his place of employment. Carolyn and I have a large studio in our home, which is where we teach our grandchildren. My role now is helping with art projects. Carolyn teaches math and English. My role will expand to teaching history. My career as an illustrator included many assignments for text book publishers.
John Dyess


blue and black and light

“Visible light is electromagnetic radiation whose wavelength falls within the range to which the human retina responds, i.e., between about 390 nm (violetlight) and 740 nm (red). White light consists of a roughly equal mixture of all visible wavelengths, which can be separated to yield the colors of the spectrum, as was first demonstrated conclusively by Newton. In the 20th century it has become apparent that light consists of energy quanta called photons that behave partly like waves and partly like particles. The velocity of light in a vacuum is 299,792 km per second.”

This is a photograph of light on the corner of two interior walls of my home. I have enhanced the color in Photoshop. This photograph is from my photography portfolio of  light and shadow.
John Dyess


deck chair and shadows

my photograph of a plastic chair and it’s shadow is part of my series of photographs of “What I see around and in my home”

color palette

This is my photograph of two of my throw away paint palettes laying on a painters drop cloth. The larger circle palette is a sandwich tray.The small palette is the bottom of a frozen TV dinner. John Foster Dyess

studio blinds

A photo of blinds in my studio,

Women in a corner

digital photograph by John Foster Dyess

This is a photograph of my daughter Audrey which  is in a  folder on my computer of experimental photographs. This folder is a potpourri of photos taken inside my home or the homes of my family.

two glasses

This is my recent “bird’s-eye view photograph of two glasses on our kitchen counter.

two shoes on a picnic table

I like the distressed worn look of the shoes on a worn picnic table

This photograph I took of a rock, that I placed on
an old distressed picnic table , represents for me, the aging process of living things. The table represents change as we grow older. The rock can last for millions of years. It may be buried in the ground or it could be broken into small pieces, but will last much longer than wood or paint or humans.