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broken ornament

broken – having been fractured or damaged and no longer in one piece or in working order: a broken arm. • (of a relationship) ended, such as through infidelity: a broken marriage. • denoting a family in which the parents are divorced or separated: he grew up poor in a broken family | unable to survive in this broken household. • (of an agreement or promise) not observed by one of the parties involved. 2 (of a person) having given up all hope; despairing: he went to his grave a broken man.

Buy your Joy

A better Tomorrow

After all our shopping, and wrapping, and giving, let’s take time to think
about those  who are hungry and homeless.


“What’s the cost of living?”

This image contains a Polaroid photo from the 1960’s ,which I took as
reference for a commercial illustration assignment, a bar code from a
food can, newspaper advertisement and black enamel paint applied with a
For me the empty grocery cart, in this image I created, represents hunger and homelessness.

Dyess Family Christmas 1987 and 2018

This 1987 photo was the first of the “children posing on stairs” photographs taken at the Dyess family Christmas gatherings. Starting at the bottom stair is my daughter Audrey and going clockwise is my daughter Christy,  my nephew  David, my son Mark  my nephew Scott, my son Mike, my niece Debby

Dyess Family Christmas 2018

This Dyess Christmas gathering “family stairs photo” was taken Saturday December 22, 2018. Starting at the bottom left of the stairs is my grandson Dominic, my daughter Audrey’s son and going clockwise up the stairs is grandson Ryan, my son Mike’s son, my grandson Brady, Mark’s son, my grandson Mason, Mark’s son, my grandson Devon, Mike’s son, in the middle my granddaughter Delanie, Christy’s daughter, next to her my grand-daughter Claire, Christy’s daughter, and below her my grand-daughter Sophia, Audrey’s daughter.


This is my drawing of a Largemouth Bass, that is drawn with black ink on paper and colored with liquid acrylic paint

Northern Pike

This is my drawing of a “Northern Pike”, that is drawn with black ink on paper and colored with liquid acrylic paint

Prints of my fish paintings and prints of many of my bird, flower, and still-life food paintings, can be purchased at an art sale at Webster Groves Christian Church on December 1, from 1 – 5 pm . 20% of proceeds  will go to Art 4 Epilepsy. A variety of local St.Louis artists will be participating. Carolyn Dyess will be selling her fabric pieces and wall hangings. Webster Groves Church is located at 1320 W Lockwood Ave,St.Louis MO. 63122.

Homeward Bound

This is my oil on canvas painting titled “Homeward Bound”.


This is my illustration that I call “Giving Thanks”.

Harvest Home

This is my illustration for “The Harvest Home” fictional story in the October 1996 issue of Mature Living magazine which is published by Lifeway Press. The art director was David Wilson.

A gift for Melanie

My illustration “A gift for Melanie” was published in the December 2001 issue of Mature Living magazine. The art director was David Wilson


Reproductions of my mixed media painting “A turkey in the woods” can be purchased on I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

Egyptian-Necklace (Carolyn) (2007)

“Egyptian Necklace” a portrait of Carolyn -oil on canvas (2007)

Carolyn World oil on canvas (1995)

” Carolyn’s World” oil on canvas (1995)

Audrey-in-at-10 (1991)

Audrey at 10 years old, oil on canvas (1991)

Audrey Only Gold can Stay

Audrey ” Only Gold can Stay ” ink on vellum (1993)

Audrey's Wedding day (2008)

Audrey’s wedding day. oil on canvas (2008)


Audrey unfinished portrait (1982)

Recently I have been taking an inventory of the visual art I have created during the last 60 plus years.  I will be posting images of many of my drawings, paintings , illustrations and photographs, with a brief description. This post displays paintings that I created of my  daughter Audrey at different ages.

Audrey age 3 (1984)

Audrey age 3 (1984)


Audrey sitting in a rocking chair at age 6. (1989)