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Full color grasshopper illustration by John Dyess

This is the second of 6 illustrations created by John for the book, “The Boy Whose Idea Could Feed the World”, by Doris Wild Helmering. Illustrated by John Dyess.

A question from a recent interview with the author:

How is the style of the illustrations connected to the story?   

Doris: “I’ve known John Dyess, the illustrator, for many years and have admired his work. So I was delighted when he agreed to illustrate the book. When I look at John’s work, I feel a connection: whether an illustration of a beautiful trout about to take a hook for Field & Stream or a bunch of guys playing basketball. That’s what I wanted the kids to feel when looking at the various bugs – a connection. When I first saw the illustrations for the book, I was blown-away.”

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