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War Ration Book cover

This is my Ration Book from World War 2. I was issued this book of ration stamps when I was 4 years old. I weighed 40 pounds and was 3′ 9″. My daughter Christy is interested in tracing her family history and wants to interview me to get my history. I have many family documents in my possession and this War Ration book and a few other ration books are in my family documents. Much of my life’s history are in documents that I have.   Even if a person isn’t interested in the study of history or the history of their family, the history of their family becomes a part of who they are. I’m interested in my family history and the history of America, especially history during my lifetime.I hope you take the time to read the information on the cover of this ration book and on the back cover. I have scanned the stamps inside that were required to buy food.

back cover of War Ration Book

This is the back cover of my ration book. Included in the information on the purpose the ration book is the warning ” If you don’t need it, DON’T BUY IT” Currently some Americans are stressed about the future of our country, including me. My ration book from this time period reminds me  to have an appreciation for the sacrifices made by Americans during world War 2.

ration stamp with canon image

ration stamp with canon drawing on it.

stamps tank aircraft carrier

ration stamps with tank and aircraft carrier.

Ration stamps with airplane

ration stamps with airplane drawing on it