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Painting of the model Blyre

MostĀ of thisĀ  painting of a model named Blyre was painted from life at Webster Groves Christian Church,which is located near St.Louis Missouri. It was completed today as a looked at a digital photo I took during the model session. It was painted on Plyex Canvas Foundation Board 22″ wide x 38″ high and was painted with Palmer Prism Tempera and Liquitex Basics Acrylic paint. I painted over a previous model painting I had painted from life. Total painting time was about two hours. The model was wearing artificial flowers in her hair.


detail of painting of Blyre


reference photo of Blyre




Nude painting in oil on canvas by John Foster Dyess

I attend a painting group on Thursday evening where we paint from a model during a two and one half hour session. Many artist draw with the intent of capturing an “accurate” representation of what they see. I look at the shapes and colors within the model and the environment that surrounds the model. I normally draw with square soft pastels, but a few weeks ago I began painting on canvas with oil paint. After about an hour of painting I decided this painting was boring and with a paper towel wiped over the wet paint in various directions. I like this approach and will paint this week using this technique.
I have been painting from a model with other artists since the late 1970’s. I was absent from live painting for about 12 years and started back about two years ago. Other examples of my paintings from “life” can be found on previous blog posts.
Painting size is 16″ high x 20″ wide using Fredrix medium texture artist canvas from a canvas pad.

detail from nude painting by John Foster Dyess

Portrait of a model in a purple hat 1989 by John Foster Dyess

My favorite paintings are the one’s painted from life.This is the first example of model paintings I have done during the past thirty years. Oil paint on cardboard.