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Turkey in the Woods

This is a mixed medium painting that I created of a wild turkey in the woods. Prints of this painting can be purchased at

Largemouth Bass

My hand colored electrostatic transfer prints of fish will be for sale during the OAGallery Third Annual MANymini Small Works show which opens November Third,6-9 p.m. This drawing of a Largemouth Bass  is one of five fish drawings that will be for sale. They are framed with a white mat and brown wood frame. OA Gallery is located at 101A W. Argonne Dr. Kirkwood MO 63122 It is directly across the street from the train station.

Prints of these fish drawings  can be purchased on

Leaping TROUT

Smallmouth BassNorthern Pike

smallmouth Bass in oval mat

Forest Vines

Forest Vines drawing

My drawing of forest vines is based on a photograph I took on the property of my wife Carolyn’s cousin in North Carolina.  Yes it took a long time. Lots of shapes to draw with lots of ink dots.

Forest Vines detail

detail of forest vines drawing

End of a Season

“End of a Season” by John Foster Dyess

This image, that I created in 2000, is based on several photographs that I took in the fall of 2000, of leaves,mushrooms, a work glove and a dead bird that I found. I have been recently creating images  of life cycle: death, birth,renewal and metamorphose ( “change or cause to change completely on form or nature”) Although this image was not based on a photo that I took on my recent trip to North Carolina, it fits into my new body of images titled “A walk in the woods”.
This is a mixed media painting which includes digital and pen and ink on paper. The size is 12.5″ wide by 9″ high.

Old tree

“Old Tree” is a black pen and ink drawing with color liquid acrylic added. It is based on a photograph I took of a fallen tree,which is on the property of my wife’s cousin Russ and his wife Stacy.They live in Burnsville, North Carolina,which is near Asheville, N.C. . While there we  visited about eight studios which were part of the 2017 Toe River Studio Tour. This drawing is the first drawing based on photographs I took , which will be part of a body of work I call “A walk in the woods”.This drawing is on bond paper and is 16.5″ wide x 8.5″ high.

Old tree detail

Detail from “Old Tree” drawing



“wasp nest 1” photo by John Foster Dyess


“wasp nest 2” by John Foster Dyess

See: “To perceive with the eyes; gain knowledge or awareness by means of one’s vision.”


“A shell on a wood deck” a photograph by John Foster Dyess



“Bark” a photo scan by John Foster Dyess


“Snake skin” a photo scan by John Foster Dyess

See: “To perceive with the eyes; gain knowledge or awareness by means of one’s vision.”


weed and insect photo scan by John Foster Dyess

See: “To perceive with the eyes; gain knowledge or awareness by means of one’s vision.”

Great Blue Heron by John Foster Dyess

Great Blue Heron by John Foster Dyess

I created this mixed media painting of a Great Blue Heron several weeks ago and will be selling it at the Queeny Art Fair which is August 30,31 and September 1. The size is 12″ wide by 18″ high.

The above fishing illustration,which I created for the Maritz Motivation Company Book of Awards, is the beginning of my career creating fishing illustrations. Charlie Gardner ,who worked for Mulvey Associates, as a representative that showed my illustrations in New York City, showed this illustration and other pen and ink illustrations I had created for Maritz, to Field and Stream Magazine in 1978 and got me the assignment shown below. I received other illustrations from Field and Stream,and for the past thirty five years other illustrations from most of the major outdoor magazines.

Fishing illustration for Field and Stream magazine