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reference photos of my grand daughter Sophia

reference photos of my grand daughter Sophia

I recently finished an oil painting of my grand daughter Sophia and I will be doing posts of my step by step process of the creation of this painting. The first step was to take photos of Sophia, to use as reference for the painting. Above are four of the many photos I took of Sophia on May eighth 2012. I started two paintings but finished one,which was based on the upper left hand photo. The second, unfinished, painting is based  on the lower right hand photo. I have now painted a portrait of seven of my grandchildren. I’m waiting for Dominic ,grandchild number eight to get a few years older. Step two will be posted soon.

Painting of Stan Musial hitting five home runs in a double header by John Dyess

Painting of Stan Musial hitting five home runs in a double header by John Dyess

This painting of Stan Musial hitting five home runs in a doubleheader on May 2,1954 was displayed in the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame in the Stan Musial display. This painting was on loan from May of 1994 until Busch stadium was torn down.A print of this painting was displayed in the Missouri Historical Society in a segment on Sportsman Park. The idea for this painting came after a business friend contacted Dick Zitzmann,vice president of Stan the Man Inc., to arrange a meeting with Stan Musial about creating artwork and a catalog for Stan’s signed memorabilia. Stan at this time, which was during the early 1990’s was using single sheets printed on a copy machine to sell his  signed baseball objects.

Dick Zitzmann business card

Dick Zitzmann business card

I had created an oil painting from a black and white photo of Stan batting, before this meeting and I showed Stan this painting.This painting is now on display in my niece Debby’s condo she shares with her significant other Brad. It is displayed in a shine of St. Louis Cardinal’s memorabilia.

signed photo print by Stan of my painting of him batting.

signed photo print by Stan of my painting of him batting.

Stan signed a photo print of my painting. I created the painting of Stan hitting five home runs in a double header in hopes that prints of it would become part of his for sale signed objects. My business friend Jack asked for another meeting with Stan to present ideas for a catalog which was designed by Mike Smit with illustrations by me.Unfortunately Jack was drinking at a casino and  had an auto accident and lost his drivers license.This delayed the meeting. Finally there was a meeting but Stan said he didn’t need a catalog at this time but if  we provided prints of my artwork he would sign them. I thought this was a gracious thing to do for us ,but at this time, before large format digital prints, was not affordable  for us to provide the prints for Stan to sign.It was an honor for me to meet Stan Musial .
I painted one more oil painting to show Stan before the final meeting,which was of Stan and Red Schoendienst. The painting was based on a distressed newspaper clipping of a photo of Stan and Red when they played together on The St. Louis Cardinals. I still have the five home runs Musial painting and the Stan and Red painting.

detail from black and white photo of Stan and Red

detail from black and white photo of Stan and Red

Stan and Red oil painting by John Dyess

Stan and Red oil painting by John Dyess

detail from Stan and Red painting by John Dyess

detail from Stan and Red painting by John Dyess

John Foster Dyess self portrait 1960

I painted this oil on canvas  self portrait in 1960 and I am showing this to compare my student work with work done after graduating from Washington University in 1961.

portrait of Claire by John Foster Dyess

This oil portrait of my granddaughter Claire  was painted about four years ago.

oil portrait of Delanie by John Foster Dyess

This oil portrait of my granddaughter Delanie was painted about four years ago shortly before I painted the portrait of her sister Claire.

Portrait of Carolyn wearing an Egyptian Necklace by John Foster Dyess

This oil on canvas portrait of my wife Carolyn was painted about three years ago. I never date my paintings so all dates are approximate.


Nude painting in oil on canvas by John Foster Dyess

I attend a painting group on Thursday evening where we paint from a model during a two and one half hour session. Many artist draw with the intent of capturing an “accurate” representation of what they see. I look at the shapes and colors within the model and the environment that surrounds the model. I normally draw with square soft pastels, but a few weeks ago I began painting on canvas with oil paint. After about an hour of painting I decided this painting was boring and with a paper towel wiped over the wet paint in various directions. I like this approach and will paint this week using this technique.
I have been painting from a model with other artists since the late 1970’s. I was absent from live painting for about 12 years and started back about two years ago. Other examples of my paintings from “life” can be found on previous blog posts.
Painting size is 16″ high x 20″ wide using Fredrix medium texture artist canvas from a canvas pad.

detail from nude painting by John Foster Dyess

Female model in a red blouse by John Dyess

This is another painting from life from the late 1980’s.Oil on canvas board 16″ x 20″

Painting of a model in a nightgown by John Foster Dyess

This model study was created using oil paint thinned with turpentine over crayon on canvas board. This was painted in the late 1970,s.

Portrait of a model in a purple hat 1989 by John Foster Dyess

My favorite paintings are the one’s painted from life.This is the first example of model paintings I have done during the past thirty years. Oil paint on cardboard.


Oil on canvas board still life by John Foster Dyess

This sketch of a still life was created about fifteen years ago. I recently found a digital reproduction of it while organizing my computer files.

Charlie Parker

I created this oil on canvas painting in 1988,which is based on a black and white photo I saw in a book about Charlie Parker. This painting was done for my niece when she asked if I could do a painting or drawing of Charlie Parker that she could give to a friend. I decided to do an oil painting to use as a portfolio sample and than made a print for her to give to her friend. This has never been used for commercial reproduction. The painting size is 16″ wide by 20″ high.

I will be displaying this painting during an Art,Music and Worship event at Webster Groves Christian Church on MLK day . The event will take place from 5:30 until 8:00 on Jan.16,2012.

unfinished painting of State Patrol Trooper

About ten years ago I started a portrait in oil on canvas of a state patrol trooper that is a friend  of my oldest daughter and her husband. I don’t want to mention his name at this time but will share that he is a brave and decent man. This is another unfinished canvas that I recently found in a storage closet. I did complete a smaller portrait of him in a different technique. This unfinished painting does show part of my process painting in oil on canvas.

Step one in this process is to have the subject pose for photographs which will be used for reference. In this photo shoot I used slide film and print film taken with a film camera. I selected a pose for the trooper and selected a difference photo for the patrol car. The second step is to project the image with a slide projector on the canvas and draw an out line of the subject in graphite pencil. I than begin to establish light an dark areas in acrylic paint. This is as far as this painting progressed. Had I completed this painting I would have covered the canvas with a thin wash of acrylic paint and then begun applying glazes of oil paint  completely covering the pencil drawing.The size of this unfinished canvas is 24″wide by 30″ high.  Below are details of this painting and a finished oil painting of my youngest daughter when she was ten that was painted using this same process.

detail of hat and head


Audrey at Ten