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collage art titled “special” by John Foster Dyess

This is another example of my collage,”copy machine art” titled “special” which is 8.5″ wide x 14.5″ high
My focus for this  design was circles and horizontal and vertical lines.


This is the black and white copy machine copy of   the original collage design.


I glued the copy onto mount board and at this stage had begun to paint using liquid acrylic paint.


This is a photo of my drawing board , my butcher tray palette,acrylic paint and brushes,sitting on my work table.


More paint has been added to the black and white copy. When the painting process was competed, I scanned the art and worked on the digital file in Photoshop.


“Go ON • NO Joy collage art by John Foster Dyess

This is a collage constructed using various scraps of textures created on a black and white copy machine. I tear these textures into ragged edge shapes and glue them on mount board. I make a black and white copy of the torn shape collage  on a copy machine.
I mount that copy on illustration board and then color the mounted copy using liquid acrylic paint.


The go and the on words were torn out of a local newspaper and then burned on the edges. The word joy was created on my computer,printed and then enlarged several times on a copy machine to create the texture within the letters.


This is the final black and white copy which was painted with liquid acrylic paint. The ON and the NO are the same except inverted . These words created a frame that contain the Go and the Joy words. The final size is 11″ wide x 17″ high