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Magnolia Strange

I’m taking a break from my Fort Worth digital paintings for a few days to share my acrylic and tempera painting of model Magnolia Strange. Magnolia posed for a painting group that meets at Webster Groves Christian Church which is in St.Louis County ,Missouri. She is a model and burlesque performance artist. She was wearing a “hippy” costume that she made. I started the painting during the “live” painting session and finished it in my studio viewing photos that I took of her. I used Palmer Prism Tempera and Titanium White Liquitex acrylic paint on canvas.

detail Magnolia Strange

detail of Magnolia Strange painting.

Magnolia strange photo

Photo reference


Oil on canvas painting of a model named FritzFritz

Painting from a model is relaxing and fun for me. On this blog post I have including paintings of models in various stages of my process. The painting of Fritz is an example of the final stage. I focus on seeing shapes not a nose or ear or mouth.

portrait 4

This is the first step of my process. I block in broad simple shapes

portrait 6

This is another example of the first stage.

portrait 2

This is an example of oil paint on cardboard.

portrait 3

Oil paint on cardboard.